A minha vida na Suécia

baking my own wedding cake

I’m getting married in three days, and addicted as I am to baking I decided to bake my own wedding cake. I thought this would be a relaxing thing to do , but due mainly to my lack of experience I have been stressing over the design the decoration and the whole process of baking a cake while taking care of everything else. My boyfriend was fine with whatever I picked as long as it was chocolate.

I know how hard a chocolate cake is to frost so I chose, instead of a velvety butter cream to cover the cake with fondant.  It is going to be a two tier wedding cake, the flavours are dark chocolate and   white chocolate and raspberry mousse. The plan is to decorate the whole cake with black fondant leaves, and maybe roses…still unsure about this part. In order to focus I tried to draw to cake, unlike the rest of my family I can’t draw a line to save my life, so this was the best I came up with. I like black, boyfriend likes black, which other colour would we pick?

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